Back at it-on my own :(

Arriving at the marina was like moving into a fogbank. I didn’t know where to start, and there was no spotlight shining on the obvious next step. I have to admit I was also feeling a bit overwhelmed. The number of tasks is thick.

First step, go see the folks in the yard. Quick hello’s and I was off. I eventually found my way.
First, I sanded the foam beneath the most aft starboard bulkhead into a nice crescent shape to allow the fiberglass to sit nicely. Both sides needed the shave. I then jumped in full bore. Anyone watching would know that my donning the Tyvex suit meant some fiberglass had to be ground into control. Somehow, some fibers feel better being as close to me as possible. I finally fiberglassed the aft portion of the bulkhead. Not feeling satisfied, I fiberglassed the hull where JJ and I had pulled up some of the copper mesh. Still feeling incomplete, I fiberglassed the outside of the propane locker.

Lastly, after lunch and a couple of aimless trips back and forth from the shop to Gemini looking for the next step. Maybe, my mask isn’t working and I am resin burned. I felt out of it. I made an attempt to finish removing varnish from one of the doors. I didn’t even try before I decided I was going to start sanding the fiberglass work I did last week. But, that would just get stuck to all the wet resin laying around and crap, it really smells like resin. I finally decided to laminate the interior of the aft cabin storage bins. See the results? I just need to cavacil them into place.

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