First Formica on Wolf’s Wall

You can see from the photo that I have attached the first of six pieces of formica/ply.

There are three pieces on each side, the inside of the aft cabin and outside. The procedure begins with fitting followed by determining how I’m going to brace and provide pressure to make it stick to the wall evenly.

I cover the exposed wood of both the wall and the formica/ply with a coat of resin. While that is setting, I prep the the cavacil (resin mixed with silica (crushed fiberglass)) by placing about a quart of the cavacil onto a beer flat. A beer flat is the cardboard bottom that multiple six packs are carried with. I then apply, using a trowel, the mixture onto both the formica/ply laminate and the main wall. This is nasty work. The cavacil goes everywhere and it IS SO STICKY. There are sometimes a few changes of gloves during this process. Once in position, I begin to apply the braces. This is tricky and I am rarely perfect in ensuring the fit is perfect. Once all the clamps and braces are in place, I clean up. The whole process is done in a white protective suit with full mask and takes about an hour. After a couple of hours, I pull it all down and clean up my messy spots. here if the final product.

Tomorrow, I will finish the inside!