My New Old Buddy

Since Wolf went off to college, I have been bringing Argus to work with me.

Argus aka Pops and sometimes – Popasnoris is a 14 years old Border Terrier. Normally, he is walking around looking for someone to reach down and pet him or better yet, feed him. Our day is basically the same. Sometimes I have to wake him up. Most of the time he gets up on his own. I feed him and let him out before we leave the house. He rides in a pet carrier strapped into the back of the car. The carrier is facing forward so he can see me and I can see him. He rarely lays down on the way to the boat. I don’t think he likes being in there. On the way home, he busies himself by cleaning his feet and then might catch a nap. During the day at the carpentry shop, Wayne feeds him scraps everyday during lunch. I think Wayne knows that a dog will be your best friend if you feed him and the dog will especially like you if you feed him something unusually good. Wayne feeds him really delicious and unhealthy stuff. Around 10:30 a.m., Argus starts getting antsy and stays close to Wayne. Its funny to watch Argus go crazy looking for more chicken skins in the sawdust. By 3:30 p.m., Argus stays closer to me. He starts an annoying pattern of going to the door and scratching more often. He only does it when he knows someone is watching or close enough to hear him. He scratches a door about 20 times a day. I know he doesn’t need to go out, but I let him out anyways. The other day, when I was ignoring him at the door-he scratched on the blue plastic cooler I use to carry my lunch and other stuff. Pretty smart dog. Everyone loves him at the shop and if I don’t have him in tow-everyone will ask what happened. Isn’t that old senile dog cute?